Microsoft wants Windows Mobile on fewer devices

Microsoft said it plans to improve its competitive standing in the mobile software market by enhancing its Windows Mobile operating system as well as limiting the number of devices supporting the OS. In an interview with The New York Times, Windows Mobile vice president of marketing Todd Peters declined to supply further details on any upcoming WinMo upgrades, adding Microsoft will make a major announcement at next month's Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona. Peters did however elaborate on the software giant's plan to limit the number of Windows Mobile-enabled handsets, explaining Microsoft does not wish to dilute the platform by spreading it too thin over too many devices.

"I'd rather have fewer devices and be more focused," Peters said, suggesting such an approach means "we get better integration" between the phone and the OS. Peters also noted that Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer's scheduled Mobile World Congress keynote address will emphasize how the company can provide more value via touchscreen capabilities and other new software and service offerings, suggesting that WinMo developers will soon discover increased incentive to continue creating applications for the platform. "We're going to pump more value into the license," Peters said.

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