Millennial Media: 60% of devs plan 5 or more new apps in 2014

More developers than ever are focused on creating more apps to add to their portfolio of products, according to Millennial Media. The company's State of the App Industry Snapshot 2014 report is based on a survey it conducted last November with developers from around the world. 

  • 60 percent expect to have five or more apps in an app store next year, up from 36 percent this year. The primary goal in 2014 for 56 percent of developers will be to develop new applications.
  • 7 percent of those that develop for iOS also do so for Android, growing to 78 percent in 2014. Forty-one percent of those that develop for Android also do so for iOS.
  • 5 percent of games developers develop on their own, while sports developers are nearly twice as likely to be part of a larger company.
  • 83 percent of developers are monetizing their apps. Of this 83 percent, most make their money from advertising (73 percent), followed by paid app downloads (45 percent). Of the 17 percent of developers who don't currently monetize their apps, 46 percent expect to do so in 2014.
number of apps developers expect in an app store

Developers are optimistic they will publish more apps this year.

"Games are currently, and will continue to be, the most popular category of application, followed by Productivity & Tools and Music & Entertainment apps," the report says. "While developers expect to increase the number of apps they publish in 2014, there is not as much expected change in the category of future app development. Developers are sticking to what they know."

While it's encouraging that developers are optimistic enough to keep on making more apps and mobile games, there's a sense from the survey that they may be focusing less on optimizing or improving existing products than simply churning out new ones. For example, the report showed that 75 percent of all apps developers are making "universal" apps, meaning they are designed for smartphones, tablets or other devices.

The lack of targeting, coupled with the fact that discoverability is arguably more difficult than ever before, may indicate that developers need to keep in mind strategies that generate more retention, engagement and revenue from apps that have already been in the market. On the plus side, developers also indicated that revenue, user feedback/ratings and the number of app downloads are their most important strategies heading into 2014. Ideally, they can take at least a little time to look back on what's worked and what hasn't before submitting their next app or game to the big app stores. 

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