Motorola embracing Android--Nokia next?

Motorola is reportedly throwing its weight behind Google's Android mobile OS, expanding its Android development team from 50 members to 350. Citing an Android developer approached by a headhunter to join the Motorola team, TechCrunch reports that Motorola is making a significant financial bet on Android in an effort to reverse its sagging fortunes in the handset market--critics have long cited software as the weak link in the Moto value chain. Motorola was one of the 34 original members of the Google-backed Open Handset Alliance.

In addition, TechCrunch reports that representatives from both Nokia and Verizon Wireless were spotted at a recent Android developer event sponsored by Google prior to the public unveiling of the G1, the HTC-produced, Android-based device coming from T-Mobile USA in October. Neither Nokia nor Verizon are members of the Open Handset Alliance, although CEO Lowell McAdam said last year the operator plans to support the Android platform. Nokia on the other hand acquired the remaining shares of mobile software licensing company Symbian Limited in June, announcing plans to forge its own open mobile software platform--still, the handset giant may be looking to hedge its bets in case Android actually lives up to all of its advance hype.

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