Movial Browser D-Bus Bridge code goes open source

Mobile user experience solutions provider Movial announced the release of its Browser D-Bus Bridge open source code into the mobile Linux community. According to Movial, Browser D-Bus Bridge promises to simplify Linux user interface development, enabling web developers and designers, operators and OEMs to more efficiently create browser-based UIs for open handsets by translating Javascript commands to Desktop Bus-based commands. Browser D-Bus Bridge enables developers to create UIs controlling NetworkManager using HTML, CSS and Javascript or design a browser extension to send URLs to a music player via its D-Bus API. The LiMo Foundation industry group uses D-Bus for inter-process communication between applications and services--Movial announced its membership in the LiMo Foundation during this summer's LinuxWorld event. The Browser D-Bus Bridge code runs on WebKit and Mozilla engines and is available here.

For more on Movial's Browser D-Bus Bridge:
- read this release

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