NetEnrich: IT continues to struggle with mobile security

Mobile security

Mobile security remains problematic for many enterprises, found a new survey from cloud and managed services company NetEnrich.

The NetEnrich survey of 150 North American IT professionals revealed about 40 percent of companies said they have suffered a loss of key corporate data from a mobile device.

In addition, NetEnrich said that the survey indicated "IT continues to struggle with how best to protect their organizations from data breaches, viruses and other cybersecurity issues brought on by employees using mobile devices."

  • 73 percent of organizations said they use single sign-on (SSO) for enterprise and cloud applications
  • 52 percent noted that they outsource at least a portion of their mobile security plan or management
  • 41 percent stated that they have lost between $50,000 and $100,000 over the past three years due to a mobile device security breach or attack

"Enterprise mobile security concerns, breaches and attacks aren't new, but that doesn't mean corporate IT is better equipped to handle these issues today than they were a few years ago," NetEnrich CEO Raju Chekuri said in a prepared statement. "The reality is, enterprise mobile security is a moving target, for which companies and IT professionals must be adjusting constantly."

Mobile developers who prioritize security may be better equipped to fulfill the security needs of enterprises going forward, too.

Chekuri pointed out that an enterprise mobile security policy "is a moving target." Fortunately, mobile developers who understand mobile security dangers can work to eliminate such issues during the app development cycle, ensuring enterprise users can reap the benefits of safe, dependable apps for an extended period of time.

"The best approach is for IT to work with partners and vendors who develop modern mobile security solutions and best practices, and who understand both the corporate security and employee user-experience demands of the organization," Chekuri said.

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