New Nokia N-series phones

The rumored Nokia pictures I wrote about last week are authentic. Nokia has announced three new N-series handsets. The N91 is a 3G jukebox phone with a 4GB hard drive, WiFi, and MS Media Player support. The N91 can also be synced over USB 2.0. Wow. Nokia is clearly taking aim at the iPod, though the rumored price of $800 (perhaps $500 to $600 with carrier discounts) is likely to scare away many customers. The N90 is a twist-and-shoot, 2-MP, Series 60 camera phone. It has fancy Carl Zeiss optics and, reportedly, takes great photos. The N70 is (slightly) more modest than the N91 and N90. It's a 3G 2-MP cameraphone based on the 6680N91 Article | N91 PicturesN90 | N70