Nokia and Intel open up MeeGo code

About six weeks after Nokia and Intel announced plans to integrate their respective Maemo and Moblin efforts to create the Linux-based MeeGo platform, the MeeGo Community Blog supplied developers with their first look under the hood, supplying the distribution infrastructure and operating system base, including the Linux kernel and OS infrastructure. The available images can be downloaded here, with the corresponding RPM repositories here and the git source repositories here. "This is the latest step in the full merger of Maemo and Moblin, and we are happy to open the repositories and move the ongoing development work into the open--as we set out to do from the beginning," writes Imad Sousou, director of Intel's Open Source Technology Center.

According to Sousou, the MeeGo architecture is based on a common core across different usage models like netbooks, handheld devices, in-vehicle systems and connected TV. The MeeGo common core boasts a host of key subsystems including the core operating system libraries, the comms and telephony services, Internet and social networking services, visual services, media services, data management, device services and personal services. Sousou adds that the first MeeGo release is planned for May, with additional component releases planned in the interim.

For more on the MeeGo code release:
- read this MeeGo Community Blog entry

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