Nokia delays N-Gage relaunch

Nokia announced it will delay the launch of its resurrected N-Gage gaming platform. Originally set to go live in November, Nokia said N-Gage will now appear sometime in December as a result of software issues. "This is because of a delay in software testing," a Nokia spokesperson told Next Generation. "It's been pushed back a few weeks but the website will launch globally before the end of the year."

In related news, the Wall Street Journal reports Warner Music Group will withhold its content from the fledgling Nokia Music Store digital site, chalking up the decision to concerns over the handset giant's social networking site Mosh. According to WMG, Mosh--which enables consumers to share videos and other user-generated content--is also a hotbed for illegal downloads of copyrighted material. So far, WMG is the sole major label to restrict sales via the Nokia Music Store site--content from rivals Universal Music Group, Sony BMG Music Entertainment and EMI Group remains available.

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