Nokia releases SNAP Mobile SDK 2.0

Handset giant Nokia released the SNAP Mobile Software Development Kit 2.0, updating its end-to-end solution for Java-based mobile gaming. Promising more intuitive mobile game development aided by a simpler API, faster emulation and testing tools, the free SNAP Mobile SDK 2.0 enables creation of connected Java ME mobile games for a broad range of Nokia and non-Nokia devices in compliance with Mobile Information Device Profile 2.0 and Connected Limited Device Configuration 1.1. It includes the SNAP Mobile Client API libraries, an Emulation Environment app, a device and network compatibility test tool, and sample apps and documentation accessible via any Java Integrated Developer Environment.

According to Nokia, SNAP Mobile SDK 2.0 makes it easier for developers and publishers to create game titles boasting online community functionality like in-game user registration and log-in, unique user identification, multiplayer and massively multiplayer competition (complete with opponent matchmaking and player rankings), instant messaging and contact list building. In addition, the SDK cuts down on API calls to the server and reduces compliance testing from approximately two hours to one.

For more on the SNAP Mobile SDK 2.0:
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