Rhodes 1.2 adds iPhone, BlackBerry push data support

Months after the release of its open source mobile application development framework Rhodes 1.0, fledgling platform provider Rhomobile announced Rhodes 1.2, boasting support for push technology to enable "instantly synchronized data" on iPhone and BlackBerry devices. According to Rhomobile, Rhodes 1.2 integrates the iPhone 3.0 SDK push APIs and BlackBerry Enterprise Server Push APIs to enable immediate application information updates to users' smartphones--developers may now add alerts and other customized notifications to their apps.

The Rhodes framework allows developers to exploit their existing HTML skills to create native applications for smartphone platforms including iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Symbian and Android, taking full advantage of GPS, PIM data, camera and related device capabilities. Rhomobile promises to reduce development costs by up to five times by enabling developers to code in HTML instead of Objective-C or other OS languages.

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