RIM's BlackBerry Payment SDK 1.5 enables subscription-based app services

Roughly nine months after introducing version 1.0 of its BlackBerry Payment Service and accompanying SDK, enabling developers to monetize their software via in-application content purchase options, Research In Motion (NASDAQ:RIMM) has issued version 1.5, giving BlackBerry developers the flexibility to offer subscription-based services for applications and in-app digital goods, complete with auto-renewal options at seven or 30 days.

According to RIM, the BlackBerry Payment Service 1.5 functionality includes tools to cancel subscriptions and check subscriber status--BlackBerry Payment Service manages all subscription renewals and sends out reminders and receipts to users. In addition, RIM's BlackBerry App World storefront handles recurring billing requirements automatically, giving subscribers the option to fund their purchases via credit card, carrier billing or PayPal. Developers may offer premium content or access to cloud-based services--they can also award incentives to first-time subscribers.

RIM notes that BlackBerry Payment Service SDK 1.5 leverages the same API from version 1.0, simplifying the update process. Developers can still market in-app digital goods including content (e.g., ebooks, magazines, photos or artwork), additional functionality (like new features, levels, characters or games) and services like video streaming or voice transcription. RIM does not allow BlackBerry developers to sell virtual currencies or in-app credits, physical goods or services, and digital goods used across multiple applications.

To download the BlackBerry Payment Service SDK 1.5, click here--to view the full documentation, click here.

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