Super Mario Run coming to iOS

Nintendo Creative Fellow Shigeru Miyamoto discusses Super Mario Run at an Apple event in San Francisco on Sept. 14. (Image: Reuters)

Super Mario fans rejoice! Apple has announced Super Mario Run, a mobile title that features Super Mario characters and gameplay, will arrive on iOS later this year.

Apple said Super Mario Run will serve as a side-scrolling adventure game similar to past Super Mario titles available on Nintendo consoles. The title is expected to be released in December for a set price, but a sample of the title will be available for free.

Shigeru Miyamoto, the creator of the Super Mario franchise, pointed out this is the first time gamers will be able to enjoy playing Super Mario their smartphones and tablets. "We want as many people around the world to enjoy playing as Mario as possible, and they'll be doing it first on iOS," he told The Wall Street Journal.

Many Super Mario fans were impressed with the Super Mario Run preview.

Miyamoto even showed that Super Mario Run players should have no trouble multi-tasking, too.

Indeed, many mobile gaming analysts are expecting big things from Super Mario Run on iOS. 

Meanwhile, Android fans can be reassured that the game will reach the OS sometime next year.