The top ten new mobile apps of August 2011

Science still hasn't cured the common cold after centuries of research, but in a matter of just a few years, mobile applications are well on their way to eradicating boredom, stress, unwanted attention and other pitfalls of modern life. A recent Pew Research Center Internet & American Life Project survey reports that 51 percent of respondents used their mobile device to retrieve information quickly during the last month, 42 percent relied on their phones to fight off boredom, 40 percent found themselves in emergency situations where mobile access proved helpful and a full 13 percent confessed they've pretended to use their phone to avoid interacting with others around them.

With consumer interest showing no signs of slowing down, innovative and immersive mobile experiences are entering app stores every day. Each month, FierceMobileContent looks at the best and brightest, spotlighting the new apps that you need to download to your smartphone ASAP. Click here for the best new mobile apps of August 2011.