Trolltech integrates Qt framework with WebKit

Mobile software developer Trolltech--acquired by Nokia in late January for $153 million--announced its Qt cross-platform development framework is now fully integrated with web browser WebKit, which is employed across millions of Nokia smartphones as well as Apple's iPhone. According to Trolletch, the Qt/WebKit mash-up promises to enrich mobile applications via live web content including Google Earth and Apple's iTunes multimedia service, as well as services like social networking, IM and real-time financial updates. Qt/WebKit Integration also enables handset makers and operators to clearly define their browser environments, creating a more web-like, uniform user experience across different operating systems and devices.

In addition, Trolltech announced version 4.3 of its Qtopia Phone Edition applications platform and UI for Linux-based devices, improving start-up speeds and external benchmarking for standards compliance. Version 4.3 also boasts new features including a finger-touch interface, Microsoft Outlook synchronization, and enhanced support for the Gstreamer and Real Networks Helix DNA mobile audio and video frameworks.

The Nokia deal affords Trolltech the opportunity to expand the role of mobile Linux within the development sphere, said Trolltech CTO Benoit Schillings in an interview with FierceDeveloper. "[Nokia's Trolltech acquisition] encourages the developer community to use [Linux] in a wide range of designs," Schillings said. "We're seeing the handset industry's major player looking to run Linux on a wide range of devices. Some very interesting pieces are combined here, and that certainly opens up the role of the developer."