Unity: Games based on our engine led to 2.5B installs over four months

Mobile games made with the Unity gaming engine generated 2.5 billion installs over a four-month period, according to the company's analytics team. Unity recently published the first in a series of "By The Numbers" reports that uses what it described as "de-identified data," including a unique device identifier, device model, platform, operating system, and country of origin for the device installing the app. 

  • Globally, 74 percent of all mobile app installs were initiated on an Android device, with 17 percent of installs being initiated on iOS devices.
  • 174,183 unique games or apps were made with Unity between April 1 and July 31, 2015. 
  • The two most popular manufacturers are Apple and Samsung, and their devices account for 54 percent of mobile app installs.
  • The most popular Android device (the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3.7) only represents 3 percent of all Android devices, though Samsung accounts for 37 percent of all Android devices.
  • 77 percent of iOS installs occur on devices running 8.0 (released September 2014) or later, and 97 percent occur on devices running 7.0 (released September 2013) or later.

"The popularity of Android and iOS devices, and of smartphones generally, varies significantly by region. Because Android has such a significant market share advantage, almost all countries see a majority of app installs occurring on an Android device; however, some countries over-index on iOS app popularity," the report said. "The top five countries account for half of global installs, while approximately three-quarters of installs occur in the top 20 countries."

If you didn't already know that Unity was popular among indie game devs, the stats in its inaugural report are mind-blowing. Beyond that, however, the data here also offers an interesting look at device and platform adoption. Given that Android grabs the lion's share of Unity users, this could be important considering the generally fragmented nature of the operating system and even the device landscape.

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- see the full report here

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