Verizon to release BlackBerry Storm software update

Verizon Wireless is preparing an over-the-air software update for the BlackBerry Storm touchscreen device that promises to fix several bugs as well as add new features. Update, the first major Storm update since December 2008, is expected to repair glitches that cause the device to freeze during voice dialing and trigger small, multi-colored dots that flash across the handset display. In addition, the update will introduce full qwerty keyboard access in portrait mode, and accelerate message composition speeds.

Verizon Wireless said the BlackBerry Storm update will roll out within the next few weeks. The operator launched the Research In Motion device in November, and while many Verizon retail stores sold out immediately, reports soon surfaced that the smartphone suffered from multiple bugs, including freezes, abrupt reboots, non-responsive controls and cosmetic glitches. The Wall Street Journal later reported that RIM and Verizon rushed the Storm to market despite known OS issues.

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