Verizon Wireless adds Subscriptions API to V Cast Apps

LAS VEGAS--Verizon Wireless introduced a Subscriptions API to V Cast Apps, enabling developer partners to offer a series of new pricing and recurring billing options across BlackBerry and Android applications offered via the storefront. Speaking here at the Verizon Developer Community conference, Verizon Wireless engineer Frank Yenshaw said the lightweight API can be applied to both new and existing applications--all pricing options will be charged directly to the subscriber's bill. "It allows for a more seamless purchase process," Yenshaw said. "You just browse [V Cast Apps], pick up the app you want and begin using it."

With the Subscriptions API integrated into their applications, Verizon developer partners can begin supplying consumers with billing alternatives including trial-based, time-based, limited use, recurring download (optimized for episodic apps, e.g. comic books) and monthly subscriptions alongside free, one-price and multiple-price options. Yenshaw notes developers may select one or multiple billing models. A complementary licensing tool acquired via Subscriptions API and tied to the original purchase and current billing status will determine whether an app is valid for the user to run--in addition, subscribers can migrate subscription-based apps to new devices. For more information, check out the Verizon Developer Community portal.

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