weComm debuts wave3 applications platform

Interactive mobile data technology provider weComm announced the launch of wave3, a client-server platform that streams feature-rich applications and content to mobile handsets. According to weComm, the platform enables brands and operators to offer services including mobile TV (complete with interactive channel switching and remote record of wired set-top boxes), live news and sports portals, downloadable and on-demand media, user-generated content, participation and messaging, and live gaming transactions.

wave3 comprises a content server to stream on-demand content and applications, network communications that optimize content according to network resource, and a device-optimized application player installed on the handset. With the player already tested and installed on the device, content and applications are automatically adapted for each different make and model--developers need only write once for delivery across multiple devices, sidestepping multiple development cycles.

weComm is in talks with handset manufacturers to negotiate wave3 pre-installation agreements. "We want our customers to offer highly interactive mobile experiences that extend the digital ones that consumers are already familiar with on their PC, TV and PMPs, but with an economic model that makes the business case work for mobile application providers," said weComm VP of marketing and alliances Ian Meakin in a prepared statement. "Current mobile technologies are either too inefficient or too limiting--we have overcome the challenge from a completely different angle, and our experience in delivering world-beating applications for people such as BSkyB, Cantor Fitzgerald and Motorola means that we understand what was needed to make this work."

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