What developers think about those 'Amazon Unlocked' rumors

Amazon may be putting a new twist on the idea of "freemium" apps, but developers on Twitter sound like they're not so sure about the concept.

leaked presentation reportedly showed that the e-commerce giant is working on a new section called "Unlocked" that will offer users a whole range of paid apps, along with those that utilize in-app purchases, free of charge.

Amazon already has its $99-per-year Prime service that offers free shipping alongside services like streaming video, music and digital storage, so one can imagine how this could translate to the app and mobile gaming space. Developers suggested in social media reactions, however, that they're not overly enthused. 

"'Think of it as Amazon Prime for apps.' No Thanks." -- @drunkenbass

In fact, some suggested that Amazon Unlocked may make some aspects of mobile app discovery and monetization worse instead of better. 

"If you thought Apple was commoditizing apps, you'll really enjoy Amazon Unlocked. link"-- @counternotions

More positive takes came from those supporting large publishers. 

"Strong move by $AMZN. All Apps and in-app purchases are free under its new #amazonunlocked program. Pretty cool: link" -- @lenostroff

"Shoutout to our friends/client @SEGA !  Great news for the Amazon lovers at there! link" -- @Ad_Volume

Overall, though, there seemed to be a sentiment that Amazon's quest to put its customers first may not benefit the ecosystem as a whole: 

"This seems good for amazon and for users, but (expletive) for devs: link" -- @rje