Would you pay $99 for Moga's portable game controller?

When iOS 7 launched there were hopes that it would usher in a new era of mobile gaming. Now, thanks to Moga, developers are starting to see what that area is going to look like.

The company last week unleashed its Moga Ace iOS controller, which includes four action buttons, a directional pad, two sticks and four bumper buttons. Though it can dock an iOS device with two sides that slide out, it also collapses inward to make it more portable.

Developers on Twitter sounded extremely excited about the possibilities the Moga Ace might offer players and mobile gaming overall.

A little less exciting for some was the device's price tag, which some felt was too high.

There were already comments online about how quickly the Moga Ace might become obsolete, while others suggested it was the kind of product that was overdue.

While early adopters get their hands on the Moga Ace and try it out, some developers predicted it could become, along with the latest iPhone models, a natural stocking stuffer during the upcoming holiday season.