Yahoo expands Blueprint mobile platform

Yahoo announced a series of enhancements to its Blueprint mobile development platform, enabling developers to create standalone applications for Java, Windows Mobile and Symbian devices and build mobile websites accessible via virtually any HTML or xHTML browser. Speaking Wednesday at the CTIA Wireless I.T. & Entertainment event in San Francisco, Marco Boerries, executive vice president of Yahoo's Connected Life unit, said the improved Blueprint platform will include a full SDK enabling developers to efficiently create mobile services that operate across thousands of devices--the web services giant is also employing Platform internally to develop applications for Apple's iPhone, and is in negotiations with Apple to release Blueprint for the iPhone to other developers as well.

"Blueprint is our way to help us and the industry develop mobile Internet services," Boerries said. "It's not another mobile OS, and it's not a platform to develop games." Boerries added that the Blueprint platform promises developers a truly open environment, enabling them to select their own distribution channels and partner with the advertising providers of their choice. ("We're confident publishers will pick us," Boerries said.)

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