02 blames smartphones for network woes

An “explosion” of smartphone data traffic has been blamed as the cause of UK carrier O2’s persistent network outages through the year.

O2  CEO Ronan Dunne told the FT that the “short-term blip" in O2 's "network reputation" would be addressed by a three pronged approach to the difficulties.

"Where we haven't met our own high standards then there's no question, we apologise to customers for that fact," Dunne said.
The UK’s largest mobile carrier said that it has been working with its network supplier Nokia Siemens Networks, on software modifications to ensure it can better manage the combination of voice and data traffic on its network.
Additionally it is planning to rollout 200 new London base stations and is liaising with handset manufacturers, including Apple and Research In Motion, to learn how to mitigate and prepare for the heavy demands placed on the networks by certain applications.
O2 struck difficulties during the second half of 2009 as customers with handsets such as iPhone’s ramped up data usage causing the meltdown of the network in London and in the outer areas.
Dunne claimed that O2 's network performance in London had begun to improve in December.