ABI: Most potential smart watch buyers would pay up to $200

A recent survey of prospective smart watch purchasers found that desired pricing levels are very consistent across all groups, with the largest group of respondents saying they would likely pay $50-$200 (€36-€144) for a smart watch. The group of consumers that identified $200-$500 was in second place. The report by ABI Research also found that the vast majority of prospective smart watch purchasers look for text alerts, call alerts and caller ID as the most attractive features of a product. The research company observed that one anomaly to this was related to the group that typically purchases watches in the $1,000 to $5,000 range. Consumers in this group identified voice command and control and also fashionable look and feel as the key factors that would influence a purchase decision. Typically voice control falls to the lower end of the scale of all other consumer groups. Report