Actility says Digita LoRa network will be a Finnish first

Digita broadcast mast

Digita, the operator of a broadcast network in Finland, prepared to encroach on the territory of cellular operators by deploying a LoRa Internet of Things (IoT) network in partnership with IoT specialist Actility.

The partners are gearing up to deploy what Actility said will be Finland’s first commercial LoRa network from October, with the rollout set to begin in major cities.

In a statement, Actility said the deal highlights the opportunity that LoRa IoT offers to non-cellular operators, as it enables Digita to utilise its existing radio and TV infrastructure for IoT applications.

Olivier Hersent, CTO of Actility, said the companies expect the network to “beat the current LoRa range record of 15 km,” by utilising the broadcast infrastructure. “The increased area that can be reached quickly by implementing LoRa technology on broadcast masts ensures even better coverage and reduces the required number of gateways,” he explained.

The company noted that the height of Digita’s masts is a key benefit to boosting the coverage of the LoRa network: 15 of Digita’s 38 main masts are over 300 metres high.

Actility explained that the network will be used to deliver ‘smart’ services spanning cities, agriculture, and logistics. Trials of the infrastructure included monitoring the temperature and humidity in properties owned by housing company VVO Group, for example.

“Finland is an innovative country, with a real hunger for new technologies,” Hersent said, adding: “The IoT provides fantastic new opportunities to create compelling services for citizens and government.”

That view was echoed by Digita COO Markus Ala-Hautala. “We believe that IoT technology will revolutionise our daily lives,” he said, adding that the technology offers near limitless opportunities in terms of the applications it enables.

The IoT can be used “to monitor building conditions, save energy, prevent water damage, prevent theft, locate objects, locate pets, optimise farming and monitor health,” Ala-Hautala noted.

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