After yearlong delay, Swisscom rolls out IPTV

Swiss consumers are now able to use their high-speed Internet connections to view television as part of a service that Swisscom officially launched this week after delaying the offering for more than a year, an InfoWorld Daily report said.


The InfoWorld Daily report said Swisscom's Bluewin TV service uses IPTV software platform developed by Microsoft.


The service will initially offer more than 100 TV channels and more than 500 video-on-demand films, the report added.


Additional features include an electronic program guide with details of current and upcoming programs, a live pause function and remote recording via mobile phone or the Internet.


The Microsoft TV IPTV Edition software platform has been chosen by several other European network operators eager to carve out a chunk of the nascent IPTV market.


These include BT, Deutsche Telekom, and Telecom Italia, the report said.


After having experienced some technical problems with Microsoft's initial IPTV product and with the set-top boxes, Swisscom decided to delay commercial service until now.


Earlier this month, Deutsche Telekom launched its IPTV offering, based on VDSL.


By comparison, Swisscom offers customers a choice between ADSL and VDSL.