Airspan achieves first multi-band WiMAX handover

Florida-based Wimax vendor Airspan has achieved what the company claims is the first ever multi-band mobile Wimax handover.

The company was able to switch between 2.5GHz and 3.6GHz bands without interruption of service, and insists Airspan equipment can support a handover between all the major Wimax bands.

According to the company, this development can benefit Wimax operators, which will be able to aggregate spectrum, beefing up an often-limited 2.5GHz allocation with 3.X or 5GHz spectrum.

The development is particularly relevant for European operators, as nearly all European countries will be auctioning and allocating 2.5GHz spectrum in the next 24-26 months.

The demonstration was staged in the UK, and achieved in partnership with FREEDOM4 and Starent Networks.