Amsterdam police bust Dutch-based Internet scam gang

The ringleader of a Dutch-based Internet scam that raked in up to $2 million (1.67 million euros) has been arrested in Nigeria, police in Amsterdam, quoted in an AFP report, said.
The report said the Nigerian, who headed a band of fraudsters operating out of
Amsterdam, was arrested in Nigeria's economic capital of Lagos
, according to police.
The fraudsters sent emails all over the world promising the recipients quick financial gains from a make-believe inheritance or fictitious lottery wins in exchange for "processing fees" of several thousand dollars, the report said.
Those who paid up never heard from the supposed organizations again or saw a penny of their promised windfall, the report added.
Twelve Nigerians were arrested in the
Netherlands in February over the scam. Some were held at the request of prosecutors in the US
where most of the scam's victims were located.
According to the Dutch ANP news agency, the group sent up to 140,000 emails a week, the report further said.