Android, Chrome top browser share gains

Google’s Android operating system enjoyed the fastest growth of any mobile OS in terms of web browsing sessions during December, figures from Net Applications show.
Use of the OS grew 29% month-on-month, placing it ahead of Apple – which grew 24.3% - and RIM, which was used 18% more often.
However Apple still rules the roost in terms of overall usage share, with iOS garnering 1.69% of browsing time compared to Android’s 0.4% and 0.13% for RIM, the firm notes.
A closer look at Apple’s figures reveals the iPad was its fastest growing device in terms of web browsing – up a third over November to a share of 0.52%, though the iPhone still dominates with a 1.02% share.
In the PC OS market, Microsoft’s Windows 7 achieved a usage share of 7% during December, up 1.18% on November, separate figures from the firm reveal.
However, overall use of Internet Explorer is on a downward trend, losing 12 percentage points over the past two years to leave it with a 57.08% share by end-December, CNN reports.
While that figure is still way ahead of nearest rival Firefox’s 22.81%, the news site cautions that Google’s Chrome is making a charge, ending 2010 with a 10% share of the market compared to just under 5% in December 09.

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