Android snares 11% of smartphone web traffic

Just a year after launch of its first phone, the Android OS already accounts for 11% of smartphone web traffic worldwide, according to the latest figures from market research firm AdMob.
In the US, where the OS has had a head start, Android handsets were responsible for 20% of all smartphone traffic in October.
But Google still has a long way to go to catch up to the iPhone, which has 50% of worldwide smartphone traffic by OS, and a 55% share in the US.
Motorola’s heavily-promoted Droid, launched with Verizon this month, already makes up 24% of all Android devices. The Droid overtook the now third-placed HTC Magic by three percentage points in October, and is closing in on market leader HTC Dream, which has a 36% share.
AdMob expects eight or nine manufacturers to launch at least 18 Android devices by the end of the year.