Apple attracts more antitrust attention

Apple’s run of success is reflected in its towering stock price and, now, a growing number of antitrust probes.
Apple has just overtaken Microsoft as the world’s biggest technology company by market cap, but it now faces a series of investigations into its role in the software and music industries.
Fresh from the revelation that the FTC may probe Apple's new advertising restrictions, it has now been revealed that the commission is also likely to scrutinize Apple’s refusal to allow Flash software from Adobe to run on the iPhone or iPad, WSJ reported.
Separately, the US Justice Department has held discussions with music companies over claims that Apple had used its market dominance to persuade music labels not to take part in a deal with
The Justice Department is already examining an agreement between Apple and other tech companies not to poach each other's employees, WSJ reported.
And the FTC last week was revealed to be considering a probe into Apple's decision to restrict mobile advertising on its platforms to a limited subset of providers.
The move, likely targeted at Google's mobile advertising platform AdMob, could be anticompetitive considering that Apple recently introduced its own interactive advertising service, iAd, which is set to launch on July 1.