Apple dodges iPad sales ban

Apple’s iPad will continue to be sold in Shanghai, after the device maker won a reprieve in a trademark battle with domestic firm Proview Technology.
A Shanghai court rejected Proview’s request to halt sales of the iPad in the city until a broader trademark case is heard, despite Proview successfully fighting its case in Shenzhen, resulting in the removal of the tablet from stores in that city.
The Chinese vendor has also sought to ban exports of iPads out of China, but commentators doubt the company's chances of success, the BBC reports.
Proview Technology alleges Apple’s purchase of the iPad trademark from a Taiwanese subsidiary in 2009 is invalid, because the parent firm had no knowledge of the sale and the subsidiary had no right to sell it.
Apple counters with documents it claims proves the parent authorized the sale, some of which were published by IDG News Service earlier this week.

Separately, Apple has bowed to shareholder pressure to require a majority rather than plurality vote in order to re-elect directors. Any directors that don’t receive a majority vote will voluntarily resign, Reuters reports.