Apple replaces flawed iPhone 5 batteries; Samsung prepares SIM-enabled smart watch

> Swisscom pledged to improve mobile coverage in buildings in the coming weeks, by deploying new frequencies and expanding LTE. The operator also plans to enable mobile calls via home WLAN networks in 2015. Release

> Google is seeking to boost its cloud services by acquiring TV and film special effects company Zync. Report

> Security company Xipiter is selling a USB shield that prevents smartphone sharing data when the device is being charged on unknown ports. Article

> Samsung is preparing to launch a SIM-enabled smart watch in early September. Report

> Apple is offering to replace faulty batteries it found in some iPhone 5 units. Article

> South African mobile operator MTN plans to lay off about 850 managerial staff because of slowing revenue and tough competition. Article

> Bombings temporarily shut down Zain Iraq's network in Kirkuk. Article

And finally…Miniature hydro-electric turbines are being used to power five public smartphone charging stations in Seoul, South Korea. Report

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