Apple seeks injunction on Amazon store

Apple was the first to strike back when Amazon opened the doors of its Android Appstore at the CTIA Wireless show yesterday, despite the obvious lawsuit from Google, whose Android Market Amazon threatens to undercut.
The iPhone maker filed suit at a US federal court claiming trademark infringement over Amazon's choice of name for its digital shop front. The device vendor is calling for an injunction against the use of the name, arguing that consumers might confuse Amazon’s offering with its own.
Apple registered for a trademark on the term App Store in July 2008, and subsequently got approval, though that decision is being challenged by Microsoft on the basis that 'app store' has since become a generic term.
The Amazon store opened with about 3,800 applications and is accessible via the company's website or a mobile client. "We spent years building shopping features that help customers find the products that are relevant to them from amidst a massive selection, and we're excited to apply those capabilities to the apps market," Appstore category leader Aaron Rubenson told the New York Times.
Tony Cripps, an analyst at Ovum, said that the new store "looks ready to offer worthwhile competition to Google's own Android market, both for consumers and potentially Android OEMs. Amazon's buy-once-use-anywhere approach for Android devices is sure to find favor with users who have come to expect multiscreen access to their favorite applications and content via the web.
“Personalized recommendations and other popular Amazon features, such as one click payment options for Amazon account holders, will also help shake up the status quo, as will the new 'test drive' facility." It may also be more successful than Google has been in attracting big brands and media giants to the store, he noted.