Apple tackles Chinese labour violations; Deutsche Post offers self-destructing SMS

> Deutsche Post, Germany's former incumbent postal service provider, is offering self-destructing messages via its SIMSme mobile app. Article

> Apple is working to address labour violations including excessive overtime and air quality breaches at two Chinese factories operated by its local supplier Quanta. Report

> Tradesmen can turn to a new mobile app for help drawing up quotations for work, invoicing, and communication with customers. Report

> Consultancy PwC predicts employers will increasingly monitor their employees' personal social media profiles, and that staff are increasingly willing to offer such access. Article

> IBM's Simon--widely credited as being the world's first smartphone--is being commemorated in a display at London's Science Museum some 20 years after the device went on sale. Article

And finally…Google's self-driving cars may not spell the end of speeding tickets. The company's vehicles can break limits by up to 10mph--for safety reasons. Report