AT&T invests in 3G, creates 3,000 jobs

AT&T says it intends to spend to improve and expand its 3G network, adding 3,000 jobs in the process to support 'mobility, broadband, and video,' Unstrung reports. It will continue to cut jobs in its fixed line business, in line with previous announcements.

AT&T has restated that it's going to spend $17 billion to $18 billion this year, roughly the same as it spent in 2007 ($17.7 billion) on CAPEX, but a 10 to 15% less than the $20.3 billion it spent last year. It now says about two-thirds of that spend will go toward increasing network coverage.

The operator says it will expand 3G service to 20 new US markets this year with more markets converting to 850MHz for better indoor coverage. It already has 3G coverage in almost 350 markets. The deployment will include HSPA to provide download speeds of 7.2Mbps with bursts up 20 Mbps

AT&T says it wants to expand 3G coverage within the home using tiny base stations, promising 'customer trials leading toward general availability of AT&T 3G MicroCell offerings, which utilize femtocells and home broadband connections to enhance in-building wireless coverage.'