Australia's do-not-call register flops

The Australian government's do-not-call register has failed to impact the country's telecommunications industry, an industry study, quoted by a Computer World Australia report said.

The report said with the government's do-not-call register celebrating its first full year of operation this month, findings from the Dimension Data Global Contact Centre Benchmarking Report 2008 revealed that it has not adversely affected Australia's largest contact centers.

When asked 'What has the impact of the Do Not Call Register been on your overall outbound calling volumes‾' 91.7% of Australian participants stated that it had either had no impact or no change on volumes, the report said.

A follow-up question 'What has the impact been on your campaign success rate‾' elicited a similar response with 90.5 % claiming that it has had no impact. Overall outbound call volumes include calls to existing customers exempt from the Do Not Call rules and unsolicited calls.

'Given that the Register received over one million registrations in the first month of operation, and is now sitting at well over two million, this is really heartening news. In the lead-up to the introduction of the Register last year, there was a lot of anxiety as to its potential negative impact on Australia's contact center industry,' said Ian Dundas, principal consultant, customer interactive solutions, Dimension Data.