Bartz to announce Yahoo reorganisation

Yahoo's CEO Carol Bartz is preparing a the company for a top-down reorganisation with the aims of speeding up decision-making and giving products a more consistent appearance, The Wall Street Journal reports.

She intends to consolidate functions such as product development and marketing that have been spread out across the company into single, standalone departments, the article asserts. It speculates that the grand plan will probably announced later this week.

Clearly not everyone is in favour. The head of Yahoo's news and information division, Neeraj Khemlani, has jumped ship to Hearst, according to Reuters.

Khemlani's new job is as VP and special assistant to the chief executive for digital media. Hearst owns 16 daily newspapers and more than 200 magazines, including Esquire and Cosmopolitan.

It is rumoured that Yahoo's chief technology officer, Aristotle Balogh, is to expand his role to become head of product, putting him in charge of product strategy and management too.

The paper quotes those close to the actions saying that Hilary Schneider, currently in charge of the company's advertising, publishing and audience groups in the US, looks likely to become head of North America. Yahoo's European, Asian and emerging markets divisions could be consolidated under one boss.

Yahoo is still in the throes of implementing the last management shakeup announced in June under the previous CEO Jerry Yang. That was designed to give some international markets more autonomy, but was criticised for causing confusion regarding who was responsible for which decisions.