Belgacom acts on country’s digital divide

Belgium still suffers from a digital divide, despite growing numbers of citizens turning to the Internet, telco Belgacom claims.
The firm revealed that 14% of Belgians have never used the Internet while detailing its annual efforts to support the country’s Digital Week – a campaign that aims to get more people connected and comfortable using the web. While the number has fallen from 26.5% in 2008, Belgacom states any lack of Internet use leaves a gap in the country.
Schemes Belgacom is backing in the 2012 Digital Week include a program to get children to help their grandparents get online and a radio-based web helpdesk featuring technical experts.
The Digital Week campaign does appear to be paying off in Belgium. The operator notes that nearly three quarters (3.5 million) of Belgian homes now have access to broadband connections, compared to 360,000 a decade ago.