Boeing to shutdown Connexion Internet operations

Boeing may sell or shut down its Connexion broadband Internet venture because of insufficient business, confirming reports that surfaced last week, an Associated Press report said.
The Associated Press report said the aerospace company was talking with its airline, defense, maritime, corporate aircraft and general aviation customers as it evaluates the six-year-old business.
"Boeing has pursued the business vigorously, developing technology that has worked well and evolved into a useful product," the company said in a news release. "However, the market for the service has not developed satisfactorily."
A partnering arrangement was also an option, Boeing said. Any changes would not be decided until meetings with customers had taken place, the report said.
Lufthansa, Japan Airlines and Singapore Airlines were among the international carriers that offered it, but cash-tight US airlines had been reluctant to pay the cost of outfitting their planes, the report said.

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