Boom time predicted for Mobile TV

Revenues from Mobile TV services could increase almost one hundred-fold in the next four years, up from US$1.5 billion this year to US$100 billion by 2012. At present the bulk of Mobile TV revenues are derived from subscription fees but over time the advertising business model will begin to dominate, accounting for nearly 50 per cent of revenues by 2013. According to the latest report from Informa Telecoms & Media the strongest growth in Mobile TV will be in the early starter markets of South Korea and Japan. European markets are not expected to see significant uptake of Mobile TV until 2009. The US market will be held back by confusion over standards but once these problems are resolved and the industry backs a single standard the US market is expected to grow rapidly. Interestingly, given the arguments that have been raging over whether Mobile TV is best delivered by broadcast technologies or 3G, Informa's research indicates that the market will end up as a mix of technologies which will be matched to a mix of audience experiences.

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