Brits shun new technology for texts and voice calls

The huge array of technology and features that are available on the majority of handsets seems of little interest to the majority of U.K. users, according to a survey conducted by SnapIn Software, a mobile applications developer. The report claims that 60 per cent of subscribers continue to use the handset for voice calls and SMS messages, with 20 per cent saying they had no interest in learning to use new features.

However, there was some upside from the study--amongst a third of respondents who did take advantage of their mobile phone's other features, the camera came out as the top choice, with 30 per cent of users saying they use the camera to take and send pictures to friends and family.

But at the bottom of the usage list comes mapping, GPS functionality and street navigation systems. These proved the least popular with just three per cent of those surveyed using them.

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