BT takes axe to local business unit

BT has targeted deep cuts to its flailing local business unit, which could see up to a third of the unit's workforce laid off.

The company announced that it will make the cuts this week, and that they will affect most areas of the unit, The Register said
In announcing the cutbacks, BT local business director Andy Hudson said that the business is “really, really, really struggling... every quarter we are failing to grow and we are shrinking.”
Hudson declined to reveal where exactly the cuts will come from, but last year warned that up to a third of the workforce may have to be eliminated if the division does not show signs of growth.
Upper management will not escape the cutbacks, which should be finalized by today. Those laid off will receive at least six months' pay.
The unit currently consists of some 50 offices offering services to small and medium businesses. The division will be restructured after the cutbacks.