Building the foundation for next generation revenue

Established mobile operators’ legacy charging and billing infrastructures are typically defined by two main silos based on payment types with: 

  • Post-paid billing systems, consisting of mediation, rating, billing, which are typically batched, software based, and reside within the IT domain
  • Intelligent Network (IN) pre-paid charging platforms, which are hardware based and were 
  • Introduced a number of years ago within the core network to provide the real-time capabilities
  • Needed to manage, rate, and charge for traditional voice services

This white paper addresses the key challenges operators are facing due to their silo based legacy infrastructures (e.g., pre-paid charging, post-paid billing, and mobile/fixed silos).

Download this white paper to find out how operators need to evolve towards a new paradigm to build an effective next generation charging infrastructure that will enable them to make the most of every subscriber.

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