BYOD threatens UK security

UK firms are leaving themselves dangerously exposed to security threats by failing to implement effective bring your own device (BYOD) policies, mobile device management firm Zenprise claims.
A survey of 500 IT managers by the firm found that 39% work for companies where employees are allowed to use their own devices, however the number with a device policy in place stood at 8%. Firms with no formal guidelines risk leaking sensitive corporate data, while many firms that have a policy aren’t convinced it gives them enough protection – 69% according to Zenprise’s numbers.
Matt Peachey, Zenprise’s EMEA vice president and general manager, says it is vital businesses address the security implications of BYOD. “With so much to gain from effective BYOD initiatives – which, when done right, can deliver many measurable business benefits…- organizations cannot afford to cut any corners when it comes to security.”
Zenprise’s survey also revealed that 7% of companies can lock-down app usage, despite many mobile apps opening access to phone books, email, SMS, and call records. The survey found 5% of firms have the ability to track devices via GPS.
Rajlingam Sokalingam, regional director for South Asia at web security firm Check Point Software Technologies, last month predicted BYOD security risks will increase during 2013. He expects a rise in attempts to get round app review and detection mechanisms, which could open the door for cybercriminals to glean sensitive data by using smartphone features including the camera and microphone.