CDMA to LTE migration

CDMA has continuously led the industry in innovation since the late 1980s. Today, cdma2000 is an accepted standard for 3G networks. However there was a time when the concept of basing an air interface on code-division, rather than traditional timedivision technology, was revolutionary.

By the end of the decade it will not be possible to fulfill the surging demand for advanced services on cdma2000 legacy networks. It is expected that many traditional cdma2000 service providers may want to take advantage of the benefits of LTE and choose to migrate along the 3GPP standards path.

It is not necessary for cdma2000 service providers to first migrate to GSM or UMTS in order to deploy LTE. Motorola can offer a direct, well planned, transition path that evolves service providers from cdma2000 to LTE.

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