ChinaTel Group - Market analysis from Maravedis

ChinaTel’s present operational focus is to deploy Wimax networks to supply 3.5-GHz wireless broadband access to 29 cities in China. It is pursuing an aggressive project schedule in each of CECT-Chinacomm’s 29 allocated Chinese cities. Deployment is continuing in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen, and is also in progress in nine other cities including Qingdao, Guangzhou and Nanjing. ChinaTel has a government mandate to build out the first 12 cities by June; procurement and engineering has commenced on all such sites.
In addition to penetrating the Chinese wireless broadband sector, ChinaTel seeks to establish a presence in the other countries. The company has acquired 95% of Peruvian telecommunications company Perusat S.A., which holds licenses to 2.5-GHz spectrum covering multiple cities in Peru. While the Peruvian operations are not ChinaTel’s primary focus at the moment, Perusat is an active business supplying local and international long-distance telephony, including fixed-line service and VoIP.

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