Chinese leader orders tighter Internet regulations

Chinese President Hu Jintao ordered government officials to better regulate China's rapidly developing Internet to ensure online information is healthy and 'ethically inspiring,' a Xinhua news report said.

The Xinhua news report said Hu made the call at a study session of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of Chinese Communist Party, saying officials should 'actively and creatively nurture a healthy online culture' that meets public demand.

The rapid development of Internet in China has played an important role in spreading information, knowledge, and Communist Party's policies, but it also poses new challenges, Hu said.

Hu told officials to use the Internet as a platform to spread healthy information, instead of deterring its development in China, the report said.

He specifically mentioned that the government should use 'new tactics and advanced technologies' to better guide public opinions voiced through the Internet.

Officials at all levels should facilitate the development of the Internet while improving the administration of web technologies, content and network security, said Hu.

He told officials to provide sound conditions for developing 'Web sites that carry good content' and improve the delivery of information that can help people in their daily lives.