Ciena lights E.Eu's first 100G network

Networks firm Ciena is boosting Romania’s scientific credentials by deploying 450km of 100G capable cable in the country.
The firm will connect campuses of the Romanian Educational Network in Bucharest and Iasi via the cable, which it is deploying alongside existing 10G wiring. The 100G network forms part of an expansion of the education network’s 4,200 km optical infrastructure, and will be the first live 100G network in Eastern Europe, Ciena claims.
Romania’s education network also forms part of a broader European education and research infrastructure spanning 30 countries. Germin Mihai Dinu, general director of ARNIEC – which manages the Romanian network -, says the upgrade enhances the country’s ability “to collaborate on cutting-edge science and research projects.”
The educational facility will continue investing in 100G upgrades that enable its scientists “to work with their peers at high performance computing and research centers across the globe,” Mihai added.
Installation and maintenance of the new network will be handled by domestic firm Felix Telecom.