Cloud concerns continue

An online survey of Microsoft partners has revealed that traditional concerns about cloud services remain among enterprises in the region.
The survey covered 2,017 Microsoft partners across 11 countries in the Asia Pacific. It shows that the top 5 concerns businesses have about the cloud are lack of privacy, lack of security, concern that the technology is not yet mature enough for business environments, lack of ownership of the software and the inability to be productive when offline.
Other misconceptions among customers centered around the cost and reliability of cloud services, the lack of value-add compared to on-premise versions, lack of clear ROI and fears that the cloud process might be too complicated.
Additional findings from the survey include:
  • 46% of respondents frequently (daily or at least once a week) encounter decision makers who have relatively little understanding of cloud services.
  • More than half of the respondents already have more than 10% of their business focused on cloud services
  • The majority agreed that Gen-Y decision makers are more knowledgeable of the cloud than other business decision makers in general