Concern on environmental protection growing, says Ericsson

Telecom operators and vendors are showing they are serious about environmental issues by their adoption of energy-saving equipment, says an Ericsson executive.

Zhang Shen, senior market manager for network solutions at Ericsson, said network equipment such as base stations and core network deployments were major consumers of power.

'China has set a goal of reducing 20% of energy consumption as part of the country's energy saving strategies stated in the 11th five-year plan, and the telecom industry can make its own contribution to this by reducing power consumption of telecoms equipment,' Zhang said Tuesday at a media briefing at PT/Expo Comm.

He expects Chinese telecom operators will take more efforts in addressing energy consumption issue as the country increased its level of environmental awareness.

To help operators address energy issues, Zhang said Ericsson had introduced new products with better environmental performance and the lowest possible power consumption.

He said the company last month unveiled a base station site that incorporated all equipment into a single concrete tower, with the base station at the top, near the antenna.

Zhang said concrete has a lower environmental impact than traditional steel, producing 30% less CO2 emissions during production and transportation.

Combined with the fact that no active cooling is needed, it delivers reduced energy consumption of up to 40%, he added.